We work hard for our expanding base of national and international clients. Our team has recently undertaken the following projects:

  • Issues, crisis and communication training for a leading Australian legal organisation;
  • Crisis management for medical specialists involved in significant national and international issues. Liaison and coordination with allied health groups;
  • Issues management within the aviation industry involving industrial relations. Liaison and coordination with organisations in Asia, the US, UK and Europe;
  • Media and issues management for a country hosting asylum-seekers;
  • Strategic media management of an international Heads of State forum;
  • Management of international media and stakeholder issues for a national Government, including communication issues in relation to the United Nations and bilateral agreements;
  • Management of stakeholder issues in relation to senior executives and the governing body of a nationally-recognised institution;
  • Reputation management of an organisation involved in a major media story, including media conferences and strategic key message development;
  • Communication workshop on strategic issues for a Government-owned corporation;
  • Media and issues management workshop for a State rural organisation;
  • Issues management and media skills coaching for the Chair of an education body.

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